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A lot of property managers and building owners are fed up with unresponsive commercial landscaping companies. At Envision Landscape Group, we put a premium on communication and customer service so you get a beautifully maintained property without all the micromanaging.

Give Your Property The ‘Wow’ Factor

Let us beautify and maintain your DFW Metroplex Class A office, corporate headquarters or gated community. With an annual maintenance agreement, you have access to a wide range of landscaping services.

Landscape Maintenance

Proper maintenance not only means the property looks great year-round, but it also means we stay on top of any issues or problems that might arise. Our knowledgeable and attentive team members focus on keeping your property looking its very best.

  • Turf areas are mowed in a cross-cut — giving the lawn a well-manicured look and keeping the grass healthy.
  • Edgers are used to maintain a clean straight edge at the sidewalks. 
  • Trim shrubs based on aesthetic preference.
  • Any low-hanging tree branches are removed or trimmed so they don’t impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic. 
  • Grass clippings, leaves and other debris are blown away so all sidewalks and paths are clear and tidy.

Landscape Installation

You want your property to shine. So do we! That’s why we come to you regularly with creative ideas for upgrades and improvements.

  • Tree plantings are used to enhance the property or add some shade.
  • Transform curb appeal by adding seasonal flowers to beds and planters.
  • Native and drought-tolerant plants are used as much as possible.
  • Old plants and other landscape waste is sent to a compost facility. We later reuse it as compost and mulch in your flower beds.

Arbor Care

Trees are important to your overall landscape, often serving as a major focal point. Our tree specialists keep the trees on your property pruned and healthy.

  • Our team is equipped to handle any issue with both shade and ornamental trees.
  • Major tree pruning and thinning of tree canopies is done as needed.
  • Dead or damaged trees and stumps are removed.

Irrigation Management

Making sure the irrigation system is operational year-round so your trees, shrubs, flowers and grass are green and growing.

  • The sprinkler system is audited regularly to ensure it’s functioning properly.
  • Monthly irrigation inspections are conducted to diagnose any needed repairs or coverage issues. Repairs are completed upon client approval.
  • Leaks are addressed immediately to avoid wasting both water and money.
  • Clients receive an after-hours emergency number for issues that can’t wait until the next day.

Pest and Weed Control 

Keeping properties weed free improves the overall appearance and aesthetics. We monitor weed growth and pests and treat based on the client’s preference.

  • We use pre-emergent weed control products that have low solubility to keep them from moving in the soil. 
  • A slow-release fertilizer is used throughout the growing season to minimize the amount of inorganic compounds in the soil.
  • At the client’s request, we rely on Integrated Pest Management methods, using low environmental-impact chemicals only when needed. 

Does it really matter which landscape company you hire for your commercial property? It does! We made the switch to EnVision Landscape Group, and everything is greener, lusher and eye catching. Plus, the team is incredibly professional and quick to respond. Thank you, EnVision, for making our lives easier and our property more beautiful!

Jones Lang LaSalle, Senior Property Manager of a Class A Office Building


    Quality Commercial Landscaping
    Without All the Hassles 

    1. Schedule a Free Property Assessment

    Give us a few simple details about your property, schedule a day/time convenient for you and we will come by and perform a 30-minute assessment of your landscape. Immediately receive a report at the end of the appointment with recommendations for your landscape. No obligations!


    2. Get a Detailed Proposal

    When it comes to creating a thorough proposal, we don’t simply do a drive-by or rely on aerial images. We walk your property, taking measurements and identifying any potential issues.


    3. Rest Easy. Your Landscaping is in Good Hands

    With regular communication and property updates, you stay informed about landscaping services, upcoming projects and any problem areas.


    You Shouldn’t Spend Valuable Time
    Overseeing Your Landscape Company

    Too many property managers waste precious time chasing down their commercial landscape company. They’re frustrated because the company isn’t responsive to questions or concerns. In fact, they’re not entirely sure they’re even getting all the work they’ve paid for.

    At Envision Landscape Group, we do things differently. We believe property managers like you deserve a commercial landscape company you can trust to get the job done right, quickly communicate any issues, and complete the work you’ve contracted them to do.


    The Envision Landscape Group Difference

    The Service You Deserve

    Receive regular updates + reports.

    Get answers when you need them.

    Benefit from our plant expertise.

    Your job is done right and on time.

    Contracts are fulfilled to the letter.

    After-hours emergency service.

    Let’s Turn Your Property Into a Place People Love to Be

    We regularly provide our clients with creative ideas for how to enhance their property. Whether it’s new seasonal flowers in the walkway beds, gorgeous planters by the front entrance or adding shade trees near the outdoor seating, we’re always thinking about what’s next.

    Avoid the headaches and hassles that come with an unresponsive landscaping company and instead get the customer service and attention you and your property deserve.